DDRUM Dominion (Updated)


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Here's a better picture, and the new/old set up. More pictures to come when the 21" Meinl MB10 Medium Ride (replacing the one I have now) and 7x8 tom (replacing the 8x10, which will be moved up front with the 9x12) arrive.

Specs :

Drums - DDRUM Dominion

5.5x14 Ludwig 70's Acrolite
9x12 Tom
14x16 Floor Toom
8x10 Tom
20x22 Bass Drum

Cymbals - Various

10" Paiste PST5 Splash (not pictured)
13" Zildjian K. Hi Hats
18" Sabian AAXplosion Crash
20" Zildjian A. Medium Ride
19" Sabian AAXplosion Crash
18" Wuhan China


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Nice, clean setup. BUT I don't think I could play with my cymbals as high as yours :wink: