Ddrum Dominion Maple


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I know, I know. I change my set up like I do underwear lol. Been with this set up a few times before and had it like this the past few months..dont think I'll change it again. Got some new cymbals too.

Drums - Ddrum Dominion

6.5x13 Tama Hand Hammered Steel Snare
9x12 Rack Tom
8x10 Rack Tom
14x16 Floor Tom
20x22 Bass Drum

Cymbals - Various

8" Paiste PST5 Splash
13" Zildjiam K Hi-Hats
20" Sabian APX Solid Crash
18" Wuhan China
22" Paiste Colorsound Ride
20" Zildjian A Medium Crash


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What do you do about getting the bass drum batter centered on the head? I also have a 20" bass drum (ddrum dominion, duo fade) and lowered the "arm" or whatever you want to call it with the batter attached. I also heard about getting a riser too...


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The depth of my drum is 20", not the diameter (that's 22") so I dont have any problem centering the beater on the head. Most people I know with 20" diameter kicks just lower the beaters a little bit.