Ddrum Dominion Maple


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Been a while since I've posted pics. Was playing a 2 up 1 down set up for a long time..back to 1 up 1 down minus a ride. Dont really ever use the ride cept for the bell, figured my crash could do that same job just the same. So here's some pics of the old set up and what I'm bangin on now.

Old :

New :

Specs :

Ddrum Dominion Maple:
5.5x14 Ludwig Acrolite Snare
LP Sambago Bell

13" Zildjian K Hi-Hats
19" Saluda Diamond Crash (preaged)
8" Paiste PST5 Splash
19" Sabian SR2 Thin Crash
18" Wuhan China


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I must say your previous set is great, even better than your current one.

Your bass reso, is that an Evans Retro-Screen? If so, how do you find it?


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The ride is a 22" Paiste Colorsound 5, sucker's heavy and I love it..just don't have much use for it in the music I play anymore.

I do like the old set up better than what I got goin on now but the batter head for the 12" tom is busted wide open. Once I replace it I'll go back to that configuration. The reso is indeed a retro screen and I love it. Eliminates the hassle of tuning two heads to get a good sound and makes micing a cinch. Mic'd, un-mic'd that thing is loud.


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Doesn´t it take a bit of tone out of the drum, seeing as the air inside it isn´t actually moving between two heads?

I have been thinking about these for a long time since I trigger various bass drum sounds from my drum so a solid, non resonating thud could work well, but then I noticed they only make them in 22" which is abit of a stretch for my 20".

@Brother_Bong: The Retro Screen is a mesh head similar to those found on electronic pads. Since it is......a mesh....and not a solid head it lets the air move straight out of the drum with no bounce between heads. This should create a dry solid thud sound, sorta disco in a way.

Danny Carey has been known to use them as well as a guy called SuNoAnBuKi.


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Doesnt seem to take any tone out of the drum to me. Sucks they dont make them in 20" youd think they would.