ddrum diablo?


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Export all the way! Stay away from anything by ddrum that is NOT part of their Dominion Ash lines... Diablos = You will not be happy with your purchase.


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yeah i only hear bad things bout the diablos (except from the devil, he seems well chuffed :p )

export kits are nicer than those bad boys but i'd shop around - maybe go for a different brand other than pearl... :wink:


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agreed with everyone. even with good heads, they still have really cheap hardware (rims and stuff). the rims warp easily, the drums themselves look cheap, and i've only heard maybe 4 kits but everyone sounded bad. if you want a kit just spend the extra like 50 bucks and get an export


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i have an export allready, but i am looking for an affordable upgrade i think i might go with a mapex pro m rock kit with the 24" kick!


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get a shell pack. if your hardware is decent. i'd just get the pearl ELX shell pack. I got mine with new heads for about $550 total at Guitar Center.


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without a doubt.. go with the export.. i know a guy with the diablo.. they sound..?? ok.. if that.. they arent that good of quality.. the painted hardware.. covers the worst looking metal u will ever see.. that paint chips off within minutes of playing the drums.. and under u see crappy metal looks recycled from a junkyard.. and the paint on the actual shells is horrible.. peels. he only had the kit for a short while and this is happening already.. sounds not that great at all... although the diablo looks good as far as your wallet is concerned... the export will make u much happier!

hope this helped.. dnt want u to be disappointed...