ddrum Diablo series...please help!


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I'm currently looking to buy a new kit and I was thinking about purchasing the ddrum Diablo series 6 piece with the 2 floor toms and the red hardware.

I'm a touring drummer that's, sadly, not big enough for sponsorships. I get a lot of wear and tear on my kit and the visual aspect is almost as important as the sound.

I haven't been able to find too many reviews on this kit, so I'm turning to this forum for help. The price ($399.99) is literally so low that it almost scares me away from buying it. However, it's a wood kit...100% 9-ply mohagany shells. 8x12, 14x15, 14x16, 6x14, and 22x20...with some sort of hardware package that I probably won't use anyway.

The style I play is of the metal/industrial/punk persuasion.

If anyone has any experience with it or can offer up any advice, I would greatly appreciate it. Love it? Hate it? Horror stories? I'll take anything. Thanks.


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Truthfully i wouldnt take this unless it was free( then i would just strip all the hardware off anyway.)But dont buy this set.Even if your a begginer youll wont be happy with htis set.


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the ones I tried out sounded okay but as far as the durability I don't know. If you want them for just the looks then my advice is to just spend the money to powder coat the hardware of a kit you already have or a get a kit that's more road worthy because how many people acutually sell ddrum? A pretty big deal to think about if your on the road alot is availability of parts.


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i wouldnt get it, if ur playin shows alot then save up and get a nicer kit like a pearl masters or mapex saturn or something along those line. if u want a diablo then the dominions and acrylic kits are awesome and sound good, too. if u want a cheaper kit then there are better low end kits than diablos imo such as pearl exports, exr, and elx.


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Buy an export they sound better are better built and usually don't cost a ton. Also you might look on the bay for a good used set. or craigs list too is a good place to look for good used. Peace has a maple kit thats not too high and Gretsch has a set with 2 floot toms at GC and MF for 699.00 which is a great price. the diablo has terrible edges and the hardware is basicly pot metal. Stay away.


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remember, you get what you pay for. this goes for pretty much anything out there. if you need a practice kit to use maybe once or twice a month i'd say go for it, but if you're gonna be playing it a few nights a week and setting it up and breaking it down night after night, you're gonna start having problems with this kit very early in its lifetime. these kits are very very cheap. they are made to be extremely affordable, not durable. and the sound of them is the sound of a 400 dollar kit. not very good. if you take drumming seriously and really take pride in having a good sound and durable equipment, then save up another 2 or 3 hundred bucks and get a lower line ludwig ( i can say the accent cs kits are great!!!! toured with them and recorded a disc and dvd with them and am selling my pearl masters custom and maryland kit to only use this ludwig kit) or gretsch or even a pearl export or something like that. you'll be happy you spent the extra money.


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well i just bought a ddrum diode "dominator" acrylic kit and its amazing for what i payed for it,usualy acrylic is extremely expencive but not from ddrum,the kit i bought is a 26x18 bass,10x14 rack tom,and 16x16 and 18x16 floor toms.they have a model out called the diode "fly" kit wich is a 22x18 bass,9x14 rack,and 14x15 and 14x16 floors.i would strongly suggest eather of these kits jus because of the killer deal for amazing sound.they dont come with any hardware except the needed hard ware to mont the drums and they are really durable drums from what i hear,the acrylic is reinforced so it wont crack on you.i hope this helps some in your decision


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Also check out any of the Pacific by DW kits. The past few years, they've really upgraded their quality and materials, making an entry level kit that approaches a high end drumset. Their very latest stuff is top notch--blurring the line between beginner-level vs pro.


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Ok here is my take on this...

I as well did my time touring. The kit you are looking at is an inexpensive alternative for playing and drums taking a beating. If you want looks as well as sound take these options.

Even if the drums are cheaply made you can always make them sound great.

remember this....Your sound man has the tools. As well as since you are looking at DDRUM stuff...They make great triggers. You could put the cash on the drums and spend a couple hundred more and get some triggers for the kit. Add a drum processor. And you now have any drum sound you want. And it can make the worst drum kit in the world sound Great.

Touring drummers usually use triggers anyway because we always want that same drum sound. And if you are using a house sound man then you will always have the sounds you want.

It doesn't matter how much you pay for a kit. It's how got you can make that kit sound. And so if you have drums that sound like crap out of the box....Triggers are the way to go to kick your sound the way you want.

Another thing to consider is if you are in a touring situation would you really want to put tons of cash into a kit that will get beat up everynight when the roadies are breaking it down and throwing stuff around?

Unless you are lucky to have an endorsement you don't need to kill the pocket just to have good sounds.

Get yourself the DDRum Triggers around $2oo, A good Processor like a used Alesis is obtainable for about $200 and the price of your drums around $400.

And even if the drums die on ya ....you'll still have the triggers to make your next kit sound just like the one you want.

Hope this helps and I think alot of other touring drummers will agree with the use of triggers.....And I guarantee they aren't using their Masters customs on the road everynight.

I had a Tama endorsement and didn't use my Classics everynight....I mostly used them for the studio and A couple sets of Rockstar DX's on the road..........Along with triggers....and guess what.....NOBODY knew except for me and my TECH....cuz everynight my sound came from a lil black BOX..

And this isn't cheating...this is being smart as to not get your Expensive kits trashed until you do get an ENDORSEMENT.....

And people don't care about the kit ....They want to hear the way the drummer plays ....So good luck to you and the band.


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If you are touring then you should stay away from entry level kits dude. You actually should be playing atleast an intermediate level if not a professional level kit. Not sure how much touring you are doing but I would get some quality gear and what you are looking at is not that. Good luck!


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i have a Gretsch Catalina birch set i have been abusing for two years and have not had a problem from it... i bought a ddrum snare three months ago and broke one of the lugs after having it for a month........ i don't think they made their hardware on that diablo set any better..... remember we are people who enjoy beating things with sticks..... so the things we beat should be strong.........


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If your gonna get a ddrum kit then you should consider the higher spec kits like the dominion ash kits. Im looking to buy one because I really like the sizes one of the kits have (20x20 kick, 12x8 tom, 14x11 floor, 16x13 and 13x7 snare).
these kits are junk. my band use to share a space with a guy that had one of these things.

1. the hardware package is trash. i would take the kick pedal and hi-hat stand and throw it right in the garbage because if you don't get frustrated enough to destroy it within an hour of playing, you'll probably break it pretty soon after.

2. the drums are CHEAPLY made. the wrap is probably going to bubble on you. the powder coated hardware is definitely going to chip on you.

3. they don't stay in tune for shit.

4. the factory heads are garbage. you'll immediately need to replace all of them (which will probably cost you $150)

seriously. a kit this size... brand new for less than $100 a drum.... with a complete hardware packaged?

not worth it, man. save up for another month and buy a pearl export or a tama rockstar or even a gretsch catalina if you're trying to stay on the cheap side.


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hey ya know what.. i own the ddrum diablo punx set.. it awsome only if you change the heads and have good cymbals.. its held up very well and i tour alot so its good for me.


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ya know. i own the diable punx 5 piece red with black. and if i were i would get teh newer ones that are 500-600$. i have no problem with mine. its awsome, nothing bad about it, there good quality, but go for the diablo camo punx. better quality for touring drummers