Ddrum Death Punx Diablo

has anyone played one of these kits before? im looking into buying one as i have nowhere near enough money to buy a nice pearl or tama kit =) any thoughts on the kit? (if you've played it that is)



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just like anything else, you get what you pay for. a very cool looking very inexpensive set. although it looks good a friend of mine had one (notice i say "had" one) and even with the 22x20 kick drum the over all sound of the kit is empty and you can tell its a cheap kit. i havent heard it mic'd up so i dont know if it would sound ok fully mic'd but just the kit itself doesnt sound good. also, if you're a fairly hard - hard hitter (mainly on the snare) you're gonna find the rims starting to bend. you're basically buying an entry level kit like a ludwig accent, Pulse, low line Pacific, Sonor Force. I've had a pearl forum that lasted about 6 years and 3 big tours and hundres of other random shows. you can get a Pearl ELX, Pearl EXR, Tama Superstar, Ddrum Dominion, Pacific LX, Pacific MX (just to name a few) all for under $1000 which is still practically nothing to pay for a kit.


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ihad fairly good comments on the ddrum diablo death punx i played in stores. then again they had really good heads on it. i wouldn tknow bout the rims. but i know its not bad for the price