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I've been so busy lately with playing, learning and teaching, I've pretty much relegated myself the lessons area here at DML but I wanted to let you all know that I played my first gig with my new band last night and it was pretty much awesome and fun and great.

The band has a house band gig at a local bar in Kansas City about a mile away from the Kansas Speedway. And we play there every friday and saturday night from 9pm to 1am. So I'll be back at it again tonight. I smell like cigarette smoke and am exhausted from the 4 hours of playing, but I'm super happy. I'll get paid after the gig tonight.

A couple interesting things about this band is that I don't know half the dang songs. People throw out requests and if the guys in the band know it they tell me the style and speed and we go. Another thing is this band has been around for 27 years, I'm 28 lol. They're really good cats too, got good attitudes and they're fun to play with, which is a enormous step up from my last band who were not good cats, had bad attitudes and we're miserable to play with.

I'm not sure how I'm gonna feel after I've been playing the same bar 2 nights a week for however so long, but as of right now, this gig is pretty awesome.

Much Luv

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Sounds pretty sweet man. It may get repetitive playing the same room week after week but at least you know theres a solid line of shows, and pay, from it. Good Luck!


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Hey, sounds like a good gig. Can you store stuff there? Safely I should say, cus thats always convenient if you don't have to move as much gear. Then again, you might need two kits to make that practical.