DAMN cracked cymbal


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well i recently found a crack in my 16" ZBT crash ( i cudnt afford any thing else at the time ) im due to record a demo in about 2 and a half week , is their ANYTHING i can do to restore a crash untrashy sound back to my crash cymbal, bare in mind the crack is only about a centemetre long and on the edge/swell of the cymbal.


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There's really nothing you can do, short of taking it to a metal smith and having him cut the cymbal down. But that will radically change the sound. Stop-drilling won't work unless you can get the exact beginning of the crack in the cymbal.

If I were you, I'd put it away for now and pull it out right before you do your demo recording and see how it sounds. If the crack is only 1cm, it shouldn't be sounding too bad at all. It may sound worse to your ears than everyone elses'.

Good luck!