Dale Crover

break the prism

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drummer from the melvins and nirvana before they made Bleach, along with some other bands.

personally i think, regardless of genre, he is one of the most creative drummers i've heard.


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He's one of the drummers that I just never got into because of one thing or another
I saw them live and just could not appreciate what I was seeing
At the time, I was into the whole Primus thing and I just didn't get it

I get Dale Crover references all of the time when I play
People assume he's a big influence
I tell them that what they are really seeing is Keith Moon and they just don't know it

What I have seen I can now say is really cool


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Dale Crover was a very solid, unspectacular drummer, ala Phil Rudd (AC/DC). Huge influence on Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters). I'm not really a Melvins type of guy, but the cat was rock solid, has a HUGE pocket and could flam his ass off.


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The thing that really sets him apart is his ability to completely unhinge himself and keep it all together
He's a berserker like Keith Moon
The thing that separates them from all of the other guys just bashing is that they do it with style
The guy breaks ice bells for fuck's sake

There is something to be said about the art of being an articulate neanderthal
That style really does come across as a bit anti-cerebral
I find that this mindset is very helpful when it comes to what I do
When you give yourself over to your basic emotions, a lot of your inhibitions are lowered
You find yourself doing things that don't follow any rules and yet they work

Guys like Crover and Grohl refine the emotional aspect of drumming
There's a million guys that have better technique and a million more guys with more knowledge
But it is in the ability to make the drums transcend the mechanical nature of the instrument where people like Dale Crover really achieve noteriety
You can play circles around the next guy
But can you move someone
I'm not talking about so much technique that the average listener couldn't undestand how intricate your playing is so that they are "impressed"
I mean can you make motherfuckers react

Dale Crover and The Melvins elicit very raw emotions in people
So much that I have seen them attacked onstage
The people who do not like them REALLY HATE THEM
When they opened for Rob Zombie in Dallas, they had to play the entire set behind their amps because of the constant flying objects


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there are some great melvins videos on youtube is any of you wanna check them out!
he isnt all that technicle but he has great time, and that kit that he plays is the shit! 16x16 rack tom hell yeah, they sound like thunder live!


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Dale Crover is one of my favorite drummers and is so underrated. I love his unique creativity behind the kit, his huge drums, his unusual percussive and cymbals sounds, and the way he crafts his drum parts. He made me want to buy a Ribbon Crasher and be more creative and at the same time make my drums sound as big and powerful as possible.


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Dale Crover is the King of ribbon crashers! Just like Tommy Lee inspired my cowbell purchase in the 80s, Dale inspired my ribbon crasher in the 90s.


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have you guys seen the Melvins lately they merged with Big Business dale and coady are a total kick ass team!