Cymbal Springs

The Alien Drummer

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What are everyones thoughts about cymabl springs?

Do they help/hurt the cymbals??

I started using them about 15 years ago and used them for about 5 years with no negative effects. I'm thinking about giving them a shot again.



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The old ones are supposed to be better and "easier" than the newer ones, personally i've had no experience with the older ones being a youngun and all, but the new ones destroyed my 17" Dimensions Medium Heavy Crash by not allowing it to move freely enough and basically causing a snap/pop around the bell.
However, i use the Yellow(heavier) Aquarian Cymbal Spirngs on my chins religiously, i dont like my chinas to move as much and with them having a flat pronounced bell the snap/pop wont ever be a problem, they sound much better with them aswell i find as they are kept quite controlled yet not to dead to lose all the volume. The playing with them keeps them in the same place pretty much aswell unless you really twat it one, which is awesome for triplets, riding the chinas and similar faster beats where you just need it there when your there to hit it, with felts chinas can really move around alot - and you tend to have replace the felts every few weeks if you have them at an angle.

My basic ideas just been crashes hell no, chinas hell yes. I could see them working great with rides aswell if you dont crash them.