Cymbal identification


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Is it possible to identify a cymbal if all the markings have worn off? I have a Zildjian 21" ride that has A zildjian - made in usa imprinted on it. I would like to know what it is, if possible.


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if it has a serial number on it, then somebody should be able to help you. i have a few zildjian cymbals and underneath the writing of made in usa there is a serial number and all mine start with 2 letters then a number. but, i have a fairly old ping ride that has no number, it still has the logos though so i know what it is!

break the prism

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probably just the engraving in tiny lettering that appears on old zildjian cymbals.
i played one in my school jazz band. it was 22" and i just called it a power ride.


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ive found a 10" splash... was really buggerd, coverd in oil in a friends garage...

I cleaned it and polished it up... its really shiny brilliant. No lathemarks, few hammer marks.

Its a zildjian... no SN though

It could be B8 or B20, i cant tell.. but i think its pretty old.