Cymbal holders - CH70 vs SC-GCA


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i have 3 of the girbaltars on my kit, one holding a 10" splash, one holding a 12" china and the other holding a 14" crash. at one point i had one holding a 16" crash and ive even put an 18" china on it, fully extended horizontally and it held (as did the roadpro stand) like a rock. ill never have a problem reccomending the gibraltar grabber arm...theyre much cheaper than stands, they take up less room, and they get into tighter spaces no matter what you need them to hold.


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I currently use two Gibraltar SC-GCAs and they're rock solid. They can hold cymbals up to 18 inches(this is what I tried) and not shake at all. They're easy to adjust. Also cheaper than CH-70


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ive used the Pearls on my set. they dont hold anything big but i dont have any problems with them. ive got 2 of them, one holds a 10" splash and the other holds a cowbell. they are pretty solid and dont move at all. Pearl makes strong hardware but so does Gibraltar, ive used cymbals stands and pedals from them. so its a good product either way