Cymbal Help


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I'm thinking of selling my very good conditioned Ludwig cymbals (hi hat & crash/ride), (standard on the accent cs combo kit) and just wondering what price range I should be selling them for as I can't find any on the internet!

Thanks in advance. :)

Andy Jessop

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Right gezzer, first of all check underneath where the cymbal is stamped Ludwig.
Paste made cymbals in the 50s 60sfor Ludwig the Paiste is writen below

Ludwig cymbals have an autograph beneath them that is Paiste, like this Some maybe different. Do the drums say just Ludwig & Ludwig? or do they also say Ludwig above the vent hole. Chicago or Elkhart, Indiana? Your cymbal maybe from the early 30's, pics of the cymbal stamp and the drums would help.
a ludwig "standard" paiste cymbal it is a 60's model, paiste made this cymbal for the ludwig drum company that is why it has paiste, ludwig, germany, and chicago, they are worth around $125.00 or so!! there are tons of these around not very rare, hope this helps

all the best