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HI, guys. I am brand new to the board! 37 yrs old. Drummer in two bands, one is an 80s metal tribute called Tongue 'N Cheek. . The other is with my 12-yr-old daughter Alexa . Anyway, I thought I'd start a thread asking for the BEST cymbal cleaner out there. I mean something that will make them SHINE! Home remedies are cool. OTC things are cool too. WHat have you guys found that REALLY works, without scrubbing for hours? Hope to BS with younz soon.



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On a brilliant finished cymbal I use Nano polish which I found at an auto parts store. I believe it's for rims, but works quick, and it takes to finger prints right off without dulling the finish.


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I use ketchup........ yea it might be messy, but it works great : )

spread evenly all over cymbal, and let sit for 3-5 minutes.....

scrub off,then buff out........... but be careful cause it will take your

labels on the cymbal off.
Rob the Drummer":2z9rbpzm said:
I like 'em dirty! For some reason, the older and dirtier my cymbals get, I think they sound better.
I agree. I don`t clean/polish mine either. I`ve got patina in spots on some of my RUDEs and I love it.


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BarKeepers Friend ... best stuff ever.. just be careful and not rub too hard.. rinse off and just like new!! :)
I quit using cleaners because I was getting tired of it rubbing off the finish. I upgraded to my new cymbals about a month ago and I haven't cleaned them since and I don't plan on it.


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Hey saw tour request for cymbal cleaner.

I own paiste which have a mix of bronze copper and tin.

Zims cymbal cleaner if you can get it is the best but promark has the next best thing going if you can't find zims.

Be well drum on.

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I've been told that Pledge or similar furniture polish works great, because it cleans off the stick marsk and other gunk but leaves a waxy coating so they stay cleaner for longer and the fingerprints arent as visible.


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I have used Amway Metal cleaner for the last 20 years. I'm pretty sure it will remove any kind of clear coating though.

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I use Pro Mark Groove Juice. My cymbals are all about 6 years old now but still look new! Be careful with the logos though as the first time I used it on them I nearly rubbed one off!


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I used to use Buckaroo and got good results with it, but it is something you need to use in a well ventillated area. Now I use Paiste cleaner and get a nice shine. I have a botle of Slobeat Polish that is a powder and will take off the most stuck on crud, but it is mega abrasive so you have to be careful with it.


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Rob the Drummer":1agychyx said:
I like 'em dirty! For some reason, the older and dirtier my cymbals get, I think they sound better.

I have to agree with you on this one. Cymbals are like fine wine the older the better. However if you are going for the look alone Nano polish works great.


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Wrights Copper Cream

This IS the best!!!

I've used alot of different "cymbal cleaners" and this stuff is the balls! :shock:


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I like my cymbals to be nice and dirty. I know the shiney stuff looks pretty, but it's not worth the hassle to me.

I have used Flitz in the past and it cleaned them really well, but the labels came off.

Be careful though, I've heard horror stories of a couple people seriously damaging their cymbals using some of those weird cleaners.


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Start with Wenol. It is the least abrasive and the easiest to use. Finish up with a coat of Kleen Guard (.99 at Wal-mart) on everything, Drums, Cymbals and Hardware.