Cymbal Care


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Do you ever clean your cymbals? If so, how do you do it and how often. I must say I don't clean my cymbals but I think I would like to do it in near future. That's why I'm waiting for your tips and suggestions 8)


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I don't clean my cymbals. 1st reason is that it's time consuming( I'd rather play them than clean them), 2nd is that I don't really hear any difference between a dirty and clean cymbal. But when I do clean them, I use Paiste's liquid or Zildjians paste. Both work fine. But you have to be very carefull when cleaning your cymbals with water, you have to wipe them super dry so that they don't change their colour to an awful green ;)


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The only cleaning my cymbals get is that after playing I wipe'em with a soft cloth. That's mainly due to the fact that I have only two "brilliant" and I don't belive in cleaning "traditional" cymbals, besides I'm to lazy anyway ;)

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If you have older cymbals you will definitely hear a different sound...they will be brighter and there will be more wash (ring).

If you like the sound you are getting from your cymbals don't clean them, it will change them. If you're into what they look like and don't like how they sound...get some buckaroo cymbal polish and go to town. Here are a couple of hints...

Wear some gloves, as your hands will get very dirty.

Don't try cleaning to big of a section at small sections and the cleaning will be managable, and get done quicker.


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I cleam mine every 2 months or so, usualy I use zildjiam paste.. or some other cymbal cleaner,

but like this guy above sayd, wear some gloves, and do smal section ata time, and if you like the logos on your cymbal. dont pas the cleaner on top of them. :wink:

the 16 AAX chash I have was oen of my friends, and he never cleaned it... it was sooo dirty, after I claned it it was all shinny and it sounded mutch better, mutch brighter


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Try Groove Juice, you can find it on ebay.

Spray on, wipe round, wash off with warm water and bingo. Took me 10 minutes to do 3 cymbals, no need for gloves as you can just spray on using a shower or bath as the place to do it.

Easy as falling off a log. 8)


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when I had my old cymbles I used zim's cymble and hardware cleaner. But now I have ZXT ti so all I need is some windex. :D I try to clean them once a month.


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this will be my first reply... , I do try to keep my cymbals clean as they will have a brighter sound when they are clean.. agreed to the people that would rather play them than clean them... I have found a great cymbal cleaner at my Local Vons Its called BAR KEEPERS FRIEND.. it is an abrasive so be careful applying it ... its basically like an ajax but waaayyy better.. i have never been more satisfied.. what you want to do is wet the cymbal in a tub/shower sprinkle it on get a rag and clean in the direction of cymbal grooves, wearing gloves helps too.. it can get messy if your cymbals are dirty... if you rub the powder over the cymbal grooves the powder will scratch the grooves so be careful with the brilliant type cymbals i have AAX METAL brilliants and they are completely brand new looking every time i clean them.REmember clean in the direction of the cymbal grooves and if no grooves clean clockwise or if your a lefty counter clockwise



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CooknessMunster":1t1p7bfa said:
By the time my cymbals are dirty they have a cracks in and it is time for new ones
:D lol best

nah, i have a really old ride cymbal, what is a good brand that wont rub off the logo??


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I clean my cymbals twice a month depending on how many gigs i have that month, love the way the lights and lasers shine off of the cymbals....


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Clean cymbals are my way of showing respect to my profession and gear. They are the jewelry that adornes my drumkit and as such deserve the same attention I give to the rest of my gear.

There are many sides of this conversation...however for me CLEAN IS THE ONLY WAY TO GO!!! Especially with Paiste Signature Cymbals, they look unreal under the lights when clean. For those with Paiste Cymbals, please use ONLY THE PAISTE CLEANER AND CONDITIONER. Many bad things happen to those cymbals when cleaned with other cleaners.

I also think that Sabian Cymbals look fantastic when cleaned as they "heat" lines that look ghosted onto the cymbal are more apparent...looks HOT!!

Clean cymbals will sound brighter and carry more sound because the "sound grooves" or lathe marks allow the sound waves to travel cleaner and faster off the cymbal. This allows the cymbal to breathe and that is a good thing. It may sound weird...but the bronze in cymbals is still "alive" which is why some drummers looking for a specific sound will purchase older cymbals as the molecular make up of the cymbal has been changed over time from wear, tear and usage. There was a great article in one of the drum magazines about a guy who "remanufactures" used cymbals and makes them "new" again. Can't figure out which magazine or issue....but I plan on finding it again as I have a couple cymbals I would like to have him "rework."

Admittedly, I am too Anal-Retentive to play dirty or old cymbals and sell them off every 6 - 8 months and buy the same cymbals over again....(insert hopeful Paiste Endorsement here).

Okay...I am done. Thanks for reading.



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Yeah I wouldn't clean them with anything other than Cymbal spray because i put BAM (window cleaner) on mine and I think it made it sound pretty bad, it was a ride to.