Cymbal Angle and Striking Zone


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For a striking zone I use the whole entire Cymbal for different sounds.

For angles I now prefer having the Cymbals as flat as possible except for the China Type Cymbal then I like having that at an angle amost straight up and down.
Plus I feel that there's more of a boom when there flat
Good for miking the Toms and having all of that sound pressure coming down to the mike. :D

I used to have the ride at an angle ,but now I have two of them there flat right above my floor toms,
I think they look and sound better flate plus on the ride I get good bounce off it

More wieght centered staying flat so you can strike it with a good hit to make it ring more.
This is my way of setting up Cymbals.

What are your prefrences ? :p

Do you ever use your ride as a crash or your crash as a ride ?

What about using the ridges on the Cymbals to make different sounds like striking the Cymbal like a match ?

How do you write that as a note ?

LOL :lol: