Custom Cases??


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I'm looking for something to protect my 4 piece DW kit on the road. Right now I have them in soft cases, and I was going to buy SKB hard cases, but at the same time they can still get dropped and tossed around in the trailer, and its still a lot of cases to carry. I'm interested in a flight case that could house the kit, and was wondering if anybody knew good custom case builders, specifically in the New England area. Thanks, Joe

The Alien Drummer

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Ummm, I got mine for free. A local company was going to through out a trailer full of flight cases so unfortunatly (ha ha) someone could take them off their hands. they even dropped them off at my house for me. I swapped some parts and got the cases I wanted to use, and then I sold the rest on eBay and made a couple of bucks.


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the only problem with a huge case for the whole kit is either shows that you have to load up a flight or 2 of steps or the load in enterance isnt wide enough. i also play a 4 piece kit and i have a kick drum case, a protect multi tom case(holds my floor tom, snare and rack tom with dividers inbetween) an skb hardware case which is tall enough to not have to break stands down and fits my drum rug, and an skb TPX2 trap case which holds my pedals, sticks, spare snare, throne top, small tool box, kick mic and the buit in cymbal vault hold all my cymbals. i can load in a club in 2 trips. and all ya gotta do is hook some straps up in your trailer to keeps things from sliding around and you'll be set