Custom Bass Heads?

Brian L

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Well, I love my Pearl forum, and i just got done re skinning it with Remo Pinstrips all around on the toms, emperor X snare and hazy, and puresound snare wires. and i kinda was thinking about getting a color scheme going. My drumset is all black and i was thinking about getting a remo purple burst kinda...bass head just to make it look unique. since i'm pretty much done with everything for now, do u think this would be a good idea? i dont play in a band, let alone shows or anything. or is it just best to keep the drum logo head? just wondering... :lol:


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Whatever you enjoy looking at the most. Buy one if you want, put it on and if you don't like it down the road you can always put the Pearl logo head back on.

just my 02.


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i can get you a custom vinyl decal on a bass head for $100, this guy does all my custom work and is very professional, his company name is bess heads

if you want his URL ....PM me