current set up


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here's what i've been using for the last 2 years or so live:

DW kit:

14X20 kick
9X12 rack
12X14 floor
5X14 slingerland snare (40's shown w/ '63 on the road as well)

all DW hardware except tama leverglide hi hat stand (old style)
DW 5000 pedal w/ nylon strap (back up is the same too)

14" zildjian K top hat/sabian HH fusion hat bottom
18" sabian HH dark crash (L)
20" old zildjian A ride
16" sabian HH dark crash (R)
19" sabian AA medium crash (FR)


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This is how I play at home, and rehersal... not at shows.

//edit - I use a different pair of hats now, and there's a ride cymbal in there, it's just completely covered by the crash.