CRUSH Sublime Bubinga drumkit video review


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Hey guys... if you're thinking about going with a drum company thats a little different form the usual, try Crush drums....they're a company based in Florida and they offer some wicked kits and competitive prices...

Here's my online review playing along to some local Toronto bands I've recorded and performed with:


I picked up a bubinga kit from them...22" kick, 10" 12" and 14" toms for $1700 (Canadian). The depth and bottom end from these bad boys is reminiscent of old mahogany but its a bit more modern sounding of course...very wet attack especially with the stock coated remos... the kick itself is unbelievable...such attack and punch almost like it had been pre-Eq'd or muffled.

Currently in Canada the only dealer is at Just Drums in Toronto, but hopefuly they'll expand very soon. I was completely blown away by this kit and others..

Any feedback and critisism would be appreciated :)


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