critique my drumming


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hey Jebuz here...I have been playing drums for about 5 years off and on self-taught and I was hoping to get some critique, pointers, or just to see what other drummer thought of my drumming.....I prefer honesty over honesty is prefer.....the website is

the style is Hardcore/Rock/Punk just so y'all know......


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Hey man, for the most part it was good, that music is not my cup of tea butlike I said, for the most part it was good. The only real thing I noticed was the tempo speeded up and slowed down alote, did you use a click track? If you did not, that is something I would suggest and in some part your foot work was a little off from the rest of your playing but that could have been a screw up in the studio. You are a good drummer and with some more years under your belt we all will be saying we knew you when. Good luck man.


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yeah, like stated above, not really the kinds of music im into but drums werent horrible. recording to a click if you didnt would help to clean some stuff up. there are a few tempo issues. and at the beggining the snare fills dont really seem to be 100% on at the end. a problem i've noticed a lot is when playing a fill or something you anticipate whats coming up and that tends to crush the last note ot two of your fill. so keep that in your mind while playing. also, work on your bass drum consistancy. you want a super solid bass drum and there were a few parts where the kick sounds a little weak between beats. but very good start for saying you've only been playing on and off for a few years now.

one thing i would highly recommend..... invest in some lessons. even if its only for like a year. because you will have an instrustor there to break your bad habbits for you and also pick out stuff you might not even realized you did. it wil help greatly


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yeah I took a listen to the songs again and notices the tempo changes you guys were talking about......and I also noticed the snare fills in the beginning not being a 100% and I agree with you about anticipating whats coming up next so not being able to finish the fill....

As far as lessons go I have looking at some lessons online due to the fact that I dont have much time right now.....are there any good online websites that would teach you some good stuff......

thanks again for the pointers.....


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A click-track is a metronome...

Dude, not bad considering you're self-taught... good job.
I would use a metronome more to correct the 'feel' ... For example in Sing the Revolution, the bass drum is not quite solid... But, you need to still be able to groove to the metronome... as opposed to be a completely 'quantized' drum machine.


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You notice that beat in A Fate Worse then Death at 55 seconds into the song can be used in ANY genre of music? And during the bass solo in the same song, you slowed down just a tad during the eight notes.
And yes you sped up in Sing the Revolution. Remember, you're a drummer, you keep the time of the band, you need to lock in.
In Act II, once the vocals came in, you completely changed tempo, is that supposed to happen?
Yes, all and all I liked it, you guys rock! Gonna be on the west coast anytime soon?


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so around my area there are alot of bands fitting your genres or close. so ive heard that kinda stuff alot. generaly its nothin special to me, im more into the extremes . i think you guys have something different there. ill agree with the other guys, clicktrack/metronome. i highly recomend getting one of those in ear metronomes or one of the isolationheadphone ones. it wasnt too bad. ive heard people with alot more years under there belt and that payed big money for "professional" lessons that did alot worse. personaly im self taught too. but ive been in marching band(not for drum) and many othre bands for guitar so locking a beat is something im familiar with. personaly i like to groove out a beat in a locked tempo rather extremely. i like to push and pull on the beats. when playing with a new band or jamming with some people i always for warn them i like to play with the emphasis. so you better lock in the tempo pretty solidly cause ill shift the emphasis and beat at times and make you think somethings going awray. basicaly. i like going mike portnoy on a beat haha. even though hes not a really big enlfuence. yea man after all my ramble basic notes. click track. bass emphasis(just practice bass by itself with metronome it helps alot, and work on independent beats for left and right foot) all in all not bad. the anticipation is something alot of self taught people do so its not that big a deal. easy fix if you can just play the music and not think about it. thats a good way to do it. play it. dont think about it at all. y our brain may short out. not to try to put ya down. but most peoples brain goes berzerk if they think about that durin a show