crazy idea


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ey again people, sorry if im bugging you haha

i had an idea, not sure what it would work out like haha, dont know if its possible, but has it been done..

a pickup in an acoustic snare drum....would that work? make some sort of electric snare drum, that you can plug in, like a guitar kinda...

input is welcome, cridisizm is welcome, just try to stay nice haha, im new :D



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I am not clear what kind of pickup you are referring to
A guitar pickup?
Please forgive me if I am telling you things you already know but...

A guitar pickup is an electo magnet
You have a series of magnets (the little buttons or circles) that have copper wire wrapped aroud them (there are other things like "blades" and magnetic screws but most use magnetic bobbins)
When you send an electrical current through them, they wil now sense the motion of a metal object above them
Of course, it is normally a string but you can also wave a tuning fork over them as well
This disturbance in the magnetic field is translated into sound when you plug it into an amplifier

Any type of drum will not produce the metalic/magnetic field relationship needed
Of course, some cheap and old pickups are "microphonic"
This means that you can get some semblance of ambient noise through them
You can even put the pickup right against your mouth and hear faint traces of your voice but most of the time, michrophonic pickups just produce more of the irritating and squealy feedback

A piezo pickup is what is normally used on an acoustic guitar (especially nylon strings)
This may work better but I cannot guarentee the results
Far be it for me to discourage any type of electronic experimentation
I have seen Einsturzende Neubauten take piezos and tape them to shopping carts
Then they would scrape and beat the cart with re-bar
The sound is very unnerving

Personally, I would try to install an internal microphone and then run it through an effects processor
Beware though
Drums + mics + effects can = painful and PA damaging feedback
Most of these experiments were done either for recording purposes in order to playback or sample or with very experienced soundmen
Neubauten had a "member of the band" whose job it was to run the soundboard live so that things didn't get out of control

Have fun but be careful not to damage anyone's equipment

Here are some links if you wanna get real technical