Crazy Custom Snares

milkman dan

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If you could design your own snare drum, what would it look like?


14 x 4

That Finish

That Vent

That Shape


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Haha, love your vent choice man.
Carbon Fibre pearl marching snare with a gold plated carrier.
black chome hardwere.
blinding white finish with electric blue Pearl logos going up and down the drum.
black max heads with a large green REMO logo in the middle.
That would make my day.
My b-day is April 12th btw :D


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i build custom drums. alot of custom snares. so lol just holla at me and i can prolly do alot of the ones yall want. pretty cheap compared to the other custom companies like MedicineMan, Thrust, Darkstar Drumshop, OCDP. all those