Craziest kit you've made with the drum blueprint maker?

Lancelot Frosty

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Just downloaded it today.
Remember, functionality is dead here.
All we're doing is making impossibly stupid drumkits.
Please, no bashing for tom angles or cymbal placement or what not.
We aren't serious here, after all. :D
Here's mine:



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i made one once that had like 5 basses on it but i dont think i saved it :( . but i had like slave pedals reaching out to them because they made a semi circle in front of the whole kit. it would have definitely been something i would want to try out.


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Oddly enough, I am actually in the process of pricing this to get it (in parts of course). As of now, this is the biggest truly playable ki I've designed.


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Does anyone have a blue print of terry bozzio's kit? the one with 32 toms??? like 4 bass drums... 10+ chinas. that kit was messed