Crash help.


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I play metal and right play on two Paiste 16 inch crashes. They sound good, but i want some more range, so I'm in the market for a good 18. Something nice and full.

Any brand is good, name doesn't matte. I only go off sound.


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I absolutely love my Sabian 19" Stage Crash. It has a big, full sound, but even in a recording where only one mic is being used for drums AND a guitar, it doesn't overpower everything else, and it has a nice, glassy sound.


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I am a A custom Zildjian fan I have a 21" inch projection crash and an 18 inch Crash and they sound great live and in the studio


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My recommendation for a brutal 18 with a versatile range of use is the Paiste New Signature Dark Energy. AWE-----SOME!!!