What do you guys rekon.Im buyin crash's this sat.
Im wonderin which ones to buy as i play mostly metal/prog.
I struck a deal with the owner of the store to buy any 2 cymbals i want 4 $750 max.Long story.
They only stock zildjian,sabian and stagg cymbals. What cymabls should i buy as im stuck.I really dont wana buy the aa or aax as i dont like the sound even though theyre meant 4 metal apparently.
Some help would be much appreciated.
Im lookin for a crisp,bright sounding crash with much sustain.
Also as its gona b a while since i gather more money i can only afford 2 cymbals max at the moment.should i get 2 crash's or a china and crash? which would be more suited 4 this style of music.And also which 2 options would be more versitile for the time being? Only zildjian,sabian and stagg cymbals are sold at the shop.
Help please :oops:


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i play aax they rock especially 18" stage crash. but if ya looking for bright cymbals go for Acustom projection or sabian vault cymbals they thin, very durable and very bright.

oh if you looking for a china try 19" AAXtreme china tis a beaut!


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Z Customs are really good metal cymbals, great projection, they totally stand out from the guitars and etc. I love the projection crashes, those are good, and even the Thrash Ride is okay for crashing.


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Get something in an 18' or higher diameter, that will have lots of sustain, and get a thick cymbal you will get a really good sound out of a thick, heavy cymbal


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The 18" Sabian AA Metal X crash is pretty good. That's one of the crashes I use. I also have a Sabian AAXplosion crash....18 inches. Also very good. Both are bright and can cut through really well.


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The best crash that I have owned is my Paiste 18 inch dark energy crash. It is a prototype which I got for free with the purchase of a 20 inch dark energy ride. Both sound amazing, but the bell of the ride leaves something to be desired.

ANYWAY..I'd look around. Dont just go by a name.

Pick up your sticks, go to your shop, and hit some. If they dont like it, go to a different store.

If you want to know how they will sound on a kit, ask someone there to put them on a stand for you, most people will.


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um. 2 cymbals, 750$ ? that seems like a shitload to me. but for metal, i would get a china and a crash (if u already have a crash). go for a zildjian A or Z crash, dunno for china, im paiste all the way on those.


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Z Customs sound right for u.
Try the projection Crashs if u can, see if you like the sound:)

If your out of luck with the Z customs, try A Customs or the Sabian, AAXPlosion crashs

For a china cymbal, Zildjian make some awsome China's.
the Zildjian FX Oriental china is sweet! and also the A custom 20" china High could be considered for Metal


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big_bad_drummer_ boi":2eug83iw said:
Im lookin for a crisp,bright sounding crash with much sustain.
If I were you, I'd use ride cymbals as crashes. For what you want, a Zildjian 20" medium or ping ride would be great. I've often gone on gigs with 3 ride cymbals and no crashes. Just like Mel Lewis. Ride cymbals are about the most versatile crash cymbals you can find.


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Me personally, I'm a Paiste loyalist...but I would say maybe Sabian Metal-X crash
but $750 for 2 Sabians/Zils/Ags?!!
For that money you could get TWO Paistes...
Try Ebay for what its worth.
use a bright crash. sabians have good to me and so far have outstud my Z customs.also i would check out the chad smith 20" 1/2 crash thats things pretty sweet