Cramps in hands


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When i play certain songs, like when im doublin up on the high hat,i can only play for a while because i get this offal cramp in the muscle between my thumb & my index fingers...(where i hold my sticks duh)lmao...but it only happens to my right hand,& it happens it feels like the stick is easing its way outta my hand & i cant hold it right.....Is there anyway,someway somehow i can make it STOP??!?!?!??!?!?lol


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i had the same problem. it sounds stupid and cheezily out of some physical education film, but you need to stretch, and then some. warm up before a show or practice. there is no specific way, anything you can do to stretch any muscles you use for drumming, do it. even if you look like a jackass. it makes a world of difference.


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The best prevention involves implementing the following measures: stretching regularly, adequate fluid intake, appropriate calcium and vitamin D intake, supplemental vitamin E, and possibly -- with physician consultation -- supplemental magnesium intake

(taken from a medical info page about muscle cramps)

Make sure you are always hydrated by drinking lots of water.