Cracked Floor Tom


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So, I bought a new 18"x16" floor tom from a local music store. It sounds amazing and looks just as good. However, after about 10 minutes of playing I noticed that there's cracks on at least half of the bottom lugs. These cracks are pretty sizable too.. some of them are just an inch or two in a straight line, while some are big long curly ones that hook all the way towards the rim almost. The cracks aren't visible from inside the drum and you can't really feel them from the outside, but they're definitely noticeable. It's a lacquered finish, if that makes a difference.

I'm going to call the place tomorrow, but should I ask for a totally new tom or just accept some store credit or something? If the cracks won't develop into anything bigger, I'll keep it (I don't really care about the aesthetics much)... but I don't want tuning problems down the road or anything.


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I'd talk to the place you bought it from and see if they'll replace them, if not, depending on the type of lug, they cost about $2-$5 each.