cracked cymbals


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hey, ive had a zildjian zxt 8in' splash for god knows how long, anyways im to broke to go out and buy a new one so does anybody know of a way, besides cutting it or drilling it ( i only want to use thouse as last resorts) to fix the crack or is it just a lost cause to save it?


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ive seen this question asked tons of times but the answer is always the same: there is no way to fix a cymbal. one a cymbal is cracked its the beginning of the end. cutting will change the cymbal, drilling may or may not work. you may as well start saving and use this one until it wont stay on a stand. ive broken my fair share of cymbals and i bought one that was broken when i got it (f--- ebay) and theres no way to fix it.

the best advice i can give you is to correct your technique and not break cymbals. some say that breaking cymbals is inevitable but i know a guy, my old teacher, that played for 25+ years and never broke a cymbal. its all in technique.


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A buddy of mine broke 2 of his cymbals both were 18 crashes and we cut them down and played with them to make some junk and they actually came out all right ...i wouldn't suggest it but it's a last possibility.