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i bought a cheepo cowbell from my local drum shop and it does the job, the cowbell just adds more texture and gives you a different feel to keep the time instead of the cymbals and hi hats, it is also nice for some intricate beats, especially latin and funk

worth the money even if its only a few quid for a cheap one to see if you use it


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agreed, i'd buy one, u can add more dynamics to your playing. their are a cheap add on to your kit. go for a cheap on, like £10 or so, if u like them, move on to more expensive ones later


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I'd love to have two cowbells- one on the kick drum and the other on a pedal next to my hihats. I think cowbells give a very nice texture to work with when youre grooving.


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TonyDrummer80":3hic05is said:
I want to know if a cowbell is a good thing to invest money on. If so, what kind?
For me, cowbells are essential instruments on a drum set. I own a whole bunch of them. If you're going to buy one from large company, I recomend either Pearl, Meinl or Sonor. Stay away from the latest LP's, they sound like crap. (LP's quality has gone downhill ever since the company was bought out by a weapons manufacturer. Don't get me started on the heads on their congas!)


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cowbells are pretty inexpensive even if you never use them in a song I'd say get at least one cause they're fun and who in this world doesn't need MORE COWBELL!!!

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I've got about a half dozen cowbells of different pitches. If you want to get creative, you can find sets that are tuned, and set up in intervals. Finding enough can give you a full octave so you can play melodies. Why not?

There is no harm in getting at least one, and they're not very expensive. You could even just get one off eBay in perfect condition for a coupla bucks. It's something that's good to have at your disposal if the need comes up, even if you wouldn't use it a whole lot right now.