Rob Crisp

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juNgle beatZ":r8bmar6c said:
I always try to know where 'one' is and if it's possible to count the quater notes.
Same here, although i do tend to 'sing' drum parts in my head when playing my band set rather than count.

Badabumbumba badabumbumba badabumba - badabumba- badumba! :p

Johnny Cat

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I don't ever sing or count out loud, but sometimes I count in my head. Depends on the song. A lot of the time I just feel the groove, even if it's an odd signature.


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I always try to count the "ones". In 4/4, it's easy to just feel the groove but in odd signatures I try to focus on the ones.
counting really throws me off. I just go with the flow. it`s so much easier to just feel the music.

if i know the words, i`ll sing along, but not loud enuff to be heard (LOL). I`m no phil collins! (I wish!)


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Umm, I should be, but why thats what god invented metronomes for,

Most of the time I just feel, go with the flow,


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Rob Crisp":1aftnu40 said:
Badabumbumba badabumbumba badabumba - badabumba- badumba! :p
I always count in my head but yours example is cool :)
Maybe I should try ? :)


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I dont count to be honest-i just feel it most of the time-i find that when i count i tend to miss things-

So i just go with it,and by not counting for me ive developed a better sense of time-

But thats just me-


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yeah I've used that "billy ward" method forever (not that he invented it but he explains it well in his dvd).
Basically I keep up with the one by doing some sound with my mouth and I keep the beat with another part of my body. It helps to keep as much brain cells (and I don't have that many of those) to focus on my limbs and their independance.


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It depends...sometimes I start to repeat what im playing with my voice, most of the time i just try to go with the music as itl go, and sometimes i try to count numbers just to practice in my mind...its all good anyway, just do whatever makes u feel better while playing


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There always seems to be 1 or 2 parts in a song that I have to count to make sure I come in on time. When I'm practicing I might move my mouth to the count so my rythm guitarist can tell when a change is coming, but when we play live I always make sure not to count out loud or move my mouth to it.


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i count when playing new songs on set or when im playing classical percussion and also if im going to be playing a song with alot of time changes (pink floyd). but other than that i usuallt try to feel the groove.


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since I'm not playing complicated stuff (the most complicated groove that I will go for is in 5) hence I don't count at all :)
I just FEEL where 'one' is :)


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One of the bands I'm in is in the "wrighting" phase right now so, we are all counting alot.
I'm just trying to get all of the band members to count the same way.


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The only time I count the beats out fully is when there's a measure that stops a beat early/late or like a half beat early/late, and those are usually cover songs.

Normally I just "sing" the guitar part (or whatever I'm playing along to at the moment) in my head and play to that.

I do count how many times we've gone through the entire riff and if it's random complicated stuff that doesn't really go along to any time signature then I have to count out the pattern of the accented hits...gets a little hairy sometimes...

Chad Scott

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when I'm working on off accenting or off beats I count the 1-2-3-or 4
so on...blah anyway for me counting the accented # helps me be more creative & helps me not lose time while going off! I count everything that isn't fluid!


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I count the music in my head for the tempo before the song starts. I keep time with my heal but not counting out loud or in my head. the only time I count is breaks retards, and time changes that seems to work for me