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What's up all. I joined a cover band, and I'm looking for some help with a couple things. I've been having timing troubles with the intro to Cold Hard Bitch by Jet. I count it in 4/4 but the lead guitar seems to come in on the 2nd beat of the 5th measure and the drums seem to pick up on the 3rd beat of the 12th measure. I'm wondering if i'm missing a 3/4 line in my count, that would explain why the parts are not coming in on the same beat. And just stuff happing not on the 1st beat seems very unrock and roll in general. So am I counting wrong, or is Jet just way more interesting than I initially gave them credit?

Also, I would like to do a cover of Moby Dick. Now I've heard that bonzo never played the recorded version live, and after looking up different videos on youtube I atleast know he did alot of different types solos. Then I watched alot of other people play versions of the song, and with different degrees of skill, they did their own solos. Alot of them were critisized for not sounding like bonham either by having different tuning, or using a double bass pedal, one person even commented on how you needed a chime over your high hat to do the song. I'm curious what your thoughts are, as real drummers, and not youtube comment box morons, if one could use that song to do whatever you feel like doing, with whatever you got, or should one mearly try to impersonate bonham as best as any of us can.

I'm also pretty nevervous about doing something of a solo. I prefer doing Gadd type solos, more feel and groove oriented stuff, but i dont thing drunken 30something rock and rollers would prefer me to beat soft intresting little grooves for 10 min, lol. Play it fast and loud, hum, i gotta practice more.

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Well I must say that I haven't looked into the Jet song..Sorry can't help you there at this point..Johnny had a few little deals with Moby Dick..If I'm right he had a tambourine on his Hi Hat..So I think on the live album..I have noticed one thing John did that I'm not sure if others have noticed..If I'm correct he did something a little different in his triplets..He would do a RLK K=Kick and then LRK..RLK LRK RLK LRK so his hands were doing a shuffle so to speak..That's a real cool thing to learn and believe it or not, if you get it down it sounds faster even though it's at the same tempo as the ole RLK RLK or LRK LRK..I think it has more power...Try that and see if you feel a little more in the John Bonham feel..!!


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I counted that song the same way you did. The guitar plays a pick-up note before the counting on the hats starts and when the kick comes in it's on two and four instead of one and three. But if you keep counting four until the actual groove starts, the snare lands back on two and four.

"Hey buddy, just read the chart...ok?" That's what you're going to run into with Moby Dick if you don't play it like Bonzo would have. Not from everyone, but from enough that it'll matter in your average bar. Maybe throw like, a 30 second piece of Moby Dick into the middle of another song or make a medley or something.