coted or no?


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It depends on the sound you want to get out of the drums. Clear heads- more open, more attack. Coated- slightly warmer, less attack.
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like i play red hot chili peppers blink 182 and stuff like that(rock punk...some metal) what kind should i use for that type of music :?:


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As I said it's all in the sound your'e looking for. Some people use coated for rock(Bohnam), some use clear.
Smooth white- same as clear as far as I know.


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well .
coated - warm. moderate attack
clear - high attack(depending on # of plys ). more tone
smooth white - moderate warmth. slight increase of attack as opposed to coated but not as much as clear. moderate tone.
yes travis barker did/does use smooth whites on one of his drumsets. but you have to keep in mind he plays for 3 bands at themoment, with a different setup for each.
all of this is the sound on toms. it also depends on the specifics of your shells, wood/ply/bearing edge. etc
on snares it is slightly different but thats another topic completely at hand. same as for bass.


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I like coated for the snare only. Everything else I use clear.
I wouldn't mind using some smooth whites, but they look like crap on my drums and the sound differences aren't noticable where I play.


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I use Aquarian Response II's for rock on the toms. (clear 2 ply) Evans G1 coated on the toms for a cover/party band I play with. (1 ply coated) It's really personal preference. Just my 2 cents.