Converting a hanging tom to a floor tom


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I have a 14x16 hanging tom that I'm going to convert to a floor tom with legs. Anybody done this?

It's a Rockstar tom with a wrapped finish. Honestly, I don't even know where to begin. I've pretty much got the spots lined up where I want the brackets to go. Here are some of my questions:

How far up from the bottom should the brackets go?
What's the best method for drilling holes?


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On my Ludwigs the floor tom mounts are about 5" from the resonant edge of the shell. 4-6" would work given you have the standard 21" or so long legs.

Best method for drilling? Use use a brad point bit or a Unibit. I've even used a 1/4" spade bit with success. The main thing to remember is to "punch" a starter hole with a nail or a punch tool and to have something clamped behind it to prevent blowout. I clamp a 1x2 inside the drum shell. using a punch helps keep the bit from "walking" during the beginning of drilling the hole.

Or if you're ever in the Austin area come to Round Rock and I can drill them for you. :mrgreen:


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i posted a thread about converting a free floating tom to a floor tom too. someone suggested i look into buying this. i still havent gotten around to buying one but it looks like it'd work perfect for my situation, and possibly yours. take a look and see what you think. personally, id rather try this than drill holes into my drum

the above item is off this site. click the link and scroll about 3/4 down the page and you'll be able to see the specs and options


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Ass back (nice name...haha) I've looked into those and they are definitely a great idea. However, I am 100% on this and want to make my drum a permanent drum with legs. Thanks!