Connection cables for edrum triggers


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I noticed that the cables that connect the drum triggers to the drum modules are pretty thin. Are they all like that? Are these regular shielded cables or non shielded cables. The kit that I got was missing a few stereo cables, so I wanted to know if they are easily available. Also, if they are shielded, can I use regular 2 and 3 conductor cables?


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I always raid the shitty cables that are packaged with guitars
The only thing the cable is carrying is an electronic impulse, so I doubt you are losing any quality
Most music stores have a million in a box in the back for guys that insist you "throw something in" with a guitar
You can probably convince someone to give you a handfull
As far as stereo cables, I would think that those are for things like dual zone pads like a snare w/rim or hi-hat pedals where you have 2 sounds coming from one device