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I have played Zildjian my whole life. In the span of 12 years of playing the only two I have had that werent Zildjian where one Sabian and one Wuhan.

But recently I bought the dvd Rush in Rio. Neil Pearts Paragon Series sounded amazing. I went down to Guitar Center and we set up a kit with the Paragon series and I was even more blown away. Needless to say, I am now gradually making the complete switch to the Paragon Series.

What I am getting at is, has anyone else experienced this? My cymbal views changed completly over about 2 weeks. I blame myself for being blinded by Zildjian (still a great company, but now I realize not the only one). And on a side note, anyone else devote to one or another brand, and if you are, why?


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I know how you feel, I have jumped around from cymbal to cymbal over ten years, and I have come down to two brands Zildjian and sabian. Both great sounding cymbals but I have to go with Zildjian. the main reason is they make a cymbal that fits my needs, the Z custom, its loud, raw and will take a beating. but I am not puting sabian down at all, they are great cymbals they just dont meet what I need right now, but still a great cymbal.


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i really liked zildjian until i got my first professional 18" paiste signature full crash. then when i went to get my second i was blown away by sabian and they havent let me down yet. im partial to sabian but a week ago i was blown away by a set of 2002 soundedge 14" hihats.


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I had drumming friends go with one brand then jump around to another. Most have gone to Sabians after Zildjians and one guy went from Paiste to Zildjians. At this point, I still think that Zildjians still define the sound that I want out of recording and playing live but if i got the finances to do so, I can probaly pick out a decent cymbal lineup of Paiste and Sabians as well.

But not Cambers hahahaha. They simply don't have any sound to them.

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I used to play Sabians exclusively, but to be honest that had a lot to do with my location. I lived fairly close to Sabian here in Canada, so Sabians were pretty much all you could find, because they were cheaper so everyone stocked them, and of course, they were made in Canada so a lot stores wanted to be patriotic about it.

When I finally got the chance I checked out Paiste cymbals and that was it. I almost completely switched over; I still have my Sabian 22" AA Heavy Ride, and Paragon splashes and Chinese.

It wasn't because of the brand name. It was because pretty much every cymbal I was looking for (crash, swish, hats), I liked Paiste's models way more.