Comments on Positioning?


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this is a kind of cool picture that someone took of me playing last week, i'm just wondering if anyone has any advice on my seat height or something like that to help me play better. now that i look it seems like my snare is really really low and so are my cymbals.



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Your seat height appears to be alright. But you'd be a lot more comfortable with your snare around waist high, which will require a few other changes to your setup. You'll have to bring your floor tom up to the same height as your snare and at least your hats and ride will have to be raised up a little, if not your crash cymbals and rack tom(s). It really will make your playing more comfortable and economic.


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HI there!I think that your sd is a bit low.The best place for it is at the same height with your belly button( use your stick ).Many times with this set up you will have problems with your hands hitting your knees.Make your hand move more comfortable .Second thing is the floor tom .It must be at the same height with your sd. About your cymbals now. For me it's much better to have them about 30 cm higher. All great drummers use higher positions for them because they look more comfortable...