Colorsounds....Help Me Find Them!!!!

ColorSounds...Yes Or No?

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New member
Can some one help me find some colorsounds...I always wanted a blue ride or hi-hats...But now I dont trying to break my black streak,but im willing to take black colorsounds...I checked on ebay and theres not much..I wanna find a place where theres alot of colorsounds......Thank You! :D


New member
Colorsounds are pretty wild cymbals. I checked e-bay and like you said there's only black ones on there right now. gets a lot of different kinds of cymbals you might get lucky and find some on there one day.


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The only advise I can give you is to be patient. There are not too many colorsounds left so you need to check out ebay every day.

Paiste Visions are tasty, too



New member
The Paiste web site offers Colorsounds for special order but only in black. And you are going to pay a pretty penny. I personally don't like the sound but in some cases they do look pretty sharp. Good luck!