Coated VS. Clear heads

Which head option do you prefer?

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  • Either way works good for me

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Can't vote for any of your options, as I prefer Coated on my snare drums and bassdrums, dotted/clear on the floor toms, and clear on the toms! :wink:


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my bad. :)
I know for sure that I prefer coated on my snares - as for the rest of the kit I'm still experimenting


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I added another answer, because I thought that maybe someone uses both types of heads- just like I do :)
Either way works good if that's the sound I'm going for.
@Animal- now you can vote :)

El Groovin

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This is really a good question and it takes quite the explination... It's all about the music you are playing or the venue you are in.

I can speak from my own tastes. I use coated on the snare and coated G2's on my batters of the racks and floors. The res of my racks and floors can change between clear singles or coated singles. This just really has to do with the tuning I use and the venue I'm playing in. Sometimes I'm mic'ed and I want them to ring out. In that situation, I'll use clears on the res. Sometimes I'm in a small place; more personal and I'll use coated singles on the res. This allows me the same tone but it won't ring out too much with everyone so close to me.

Sometime's I use fibers on accent drums. See??? It really depends on the individual and if you're in the studio, the producer.

Kick??? Always clear and powerful. My head never changes for that. My beater does... Not my head.

Rob the Drummer

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It all depends on what I'm lookin for. Right now, all coated G2's on my toms. Clear on the Kick. Snare, always coated! I like the warmth of the coated G2's. If I want a more bright and punchy tom sound, I use G2 clears. I might try the EC2's and see how that does me.


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For the past several months I have been playing Evans EC2's and love them. However, I also love Evans Coated G2's. I did however just learn there is a new Evans Coated EC2 drumhead and I am going to have to try those as that may turn out to be the perfect head.

Thanks for playing....


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Coated on snare for that little added muffling to take the ring out. Clear on everything else for the true resonance of the drum.


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I think that in certain situations, both heads are equally as useful.

I prefer a good old fashioned Remo Ambassador for my snare, with an Ambassador hazy bottom head. However, I do like a specific evans snare head, in which I cannot recall the exact model at this time. That evans head sounds great on my yamaha studio snare, while the ambassador does so on the maple.

As far as toms go, I have never delved in to coated heads for my medium toms, but have used ambassadors on my floor toms. I honestly didn't notice much of a difference for the floor toms, other then a slightly shorter sustain then the clear heads.

As far as the kick goes, I wouldn't recommend coated heads unless you're going for a raw John Bonham type feel. I especially wouldn't recommend coated heads for live shows on the kick. But I am not an expert in all brands, and there may be soem brands out there that make exceptional coated kick heads.


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Honestly... both are fine... i learned on coated. But the EVANS HYDRAULICS rule ass holes to pieces... the thin layer of water between the battery, and reinforcement heads give you the PERFECT ammount of muffle for sows or recording... the Remo Ebony, and Ebony Pinstripes are bad too... thats what im rockin right now

Rob the Drummer

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Eboy pinstripes? YUCK! I had ebony pinstriped on my kit when I got it from the guy I got it from. They were on all the toms and yes the kick. The toms just didn't do great, but was bearable. The kick, just yuck!


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on all my toms I have G2 coated heads and on my snare I have an S.T. Dry snare head, and I have a clear emad 2 on the bass.

I like the coated toms becuase they are very warm and I just like them. I like clear bass drum batters becuase that's just how I roll.


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I use coated all over my kits. Top and bottom, just like the sound. Although always use clear batter on the kik drum. I love the milky white front heads on my Luddies super classic kik drums.


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im still trying to decide which i like better. ive always kind of preferred the sound of clear heads, i can never really get the sound im looking for out of coated heads, probably because i suck at tuning. The only coated heads i have on my kit right now are on the snare (always) and the rack tom. I just bought a Remo coated emporer for the batter and its already starting to chip off, so it looks like im gonna be in the market for some G2's cuz all i hear are good things about them