Click Track (Headphone) Help needed


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This is my first post on this great site. I have been browsing the site for awhile now and i love it. Onto my question now.

I have recently joined a new band that like most semi pro/pro bands do they want to record and rehearse to a click. This was great new to me as i have wanted to be in a band that play the same tempo and are really tight night after night.

My problem with clicks is that i always have to much drum or band spill into my ears and then i loose where the click is and have to crank the volume way to loud. I use a Tama Rhythem Watch. My problem is what to use as headphones. Should i get Isolated Headphone, or in-ears, or what.

I live in Australia too, but i can order overseas products. Sorry for the long post but any help will be great.



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I think You should go fo In Ear Monitors like Shure, or special headphones that for example Vic Firth makes. Cut out aboud 20 dB(Shure is said to cut out more than 30 dB) so you'll hear the click and the band. Don't use regular headphones- you'll struggle to hear the click anyway.


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Studio Kans or Vic Firth isolating phones if you play really loud or need total isolation, IEMs if you need just a little db cut. I've used both types depending on the situation.
Any of the Shure in-ears work really well, but I'd recommend using a headphone amp or mixer so you can mix in other signals, not just the metronome. Having the flexibility to hear the click but adjust your level, or the band's, can really make a difference in monitoring- esp if you end up using the click live.