Cleaning/treating shells?


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I've had my maple kit for about 1 year this month and i was, extremely sadly, going to change out the heads for the first time since I got the set. But my question is should i clean or treat the inner part of the shell (not outer) in any way? Should i treat it like normal wood around the house and use some type of oil?? Seems like that would mess with sound and vibrations of the drum. Anyone?

The Alien Drummer

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You should always wipe the edges clean when you change the heads, as far as the shells it depends on your finsh. Most household cleaners are mostly water/wax and don't do anything but smear. If your kit has a varnish or laquer then you should just wipe it off with a soft terry cloth or something that won't scratch. I personally use a california duster on my kit (like they use on show cars) everytime I pull them out of the cases. There is hardly ever a reason to clean them more than that, unless someone spills their beverage of choice on my drums. Then it takes awhile to clean off all their blood. :)
Hope that helps.- Jeff