cleaning drums


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i was wondering how i could clean my drums without damaging the finish. dust and wood chips has settled on my bassdrum and its bugging me. i've tried swiffer dusters but they leave annoying strands of cotton on the lugs and badges, and paper towels arent soft enough for me to feel comfortable rubbing them on my finishes, lol, ocd maybe? please help!


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I use Windex to clean my shells. I'm not sure if it affects the finish or not, but I haven't noticed any harm to my kit. I use small hand towels with the Windex, but I have found that they sometimes leave little strands of cloth on my kick. Tex wipes or the pre-packaged Windex wipes are probably better, as they do not scratch or leave residue. For my rims I use standard stainless steel cleaner with a hand towel. This not only cleans but polishes for a nice shine. This combo seems to do the trick for me.


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windex is a glass cleaner with ammonia.
not a good idea.
i use a small amount of pledge wood dusting spray and a cloth.
it doesnt hurt wraps or wood finishes.


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Yea Windex will cause fogging over time. I need new wraps on my CB700 kit now because I used Windex alot to clean them. I'll never use it on my Rogers set that's for sure.

Someone at GuitarCenter told me to use Orange Glo or something like that for wraps. It's best not to use anything with ammonia. I wouldn't even use it on my cymbals.


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I actually just used some Mother's Mag & Aluminum Polish on my wrapped Tamas because I didn't have anything else. It worked super well. It even took off the tung oil that I accidentally got on the wrap when I was tung oiling the insides and edges over the weekend. I used regular paper towels and they drums came out great. I used it to make the letters and outer portion of the Rockstar badges shine. They look much nicer now.

After you clean them, go get some wax... like for cars. I've been using Turtle wax. It won't hurt your drums. It actually helps protect them and makes them a whole lot better looking. It'll buff out any small surface scratches you have too. Keeping wax on your drums will make it easier to clean them in the future.


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By far, the best thing I've ever used on my drums is Maguire's Quick Wax. It works awesome on wraps and clear coat lacquers. It also works awesome on Hardware. Hell, if it's good enough for a Corvette, it's good enough for our drums. Also, use a very soft microfiber cloth. It will help avoid any possible swirl marks or streaking and they leave no lint behind.


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may i add to this topic?
the chrome on all of my drums is starting to oxidize or something and its getting rusty. what can i do to clean this off? (i dont feel like taking all the hardware and lugs off)


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For my bass drum and toms i use an air compressor set on about 20Psi.

for my rims i use a soft towel with a little stainless cleaner


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Pick up any lint free cloth wipes to wipe them down with to stop the strings and lint from sticking to the hardware. For cleaners, I agree with Steveund about not using ammonia products. Just typing Drum Cleaning Products into Google gives numerous hits on products to use to clean with as well.


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i am a guitar player as well as a drummer, so what i use on my drums is Martins Guitar Polish! you can use it on wrapped shells as well as lacquerd finishes! and is very cheap like a couple bucks for a bottle you can get it at any music shop!


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For me, I use some water with just a little mild dish soap. I wipe them down with a damp cloth with the dish soap soloution. Cuts thru all the dirt and leaves the wrap and chrome nice and clean. Then I go over it again with a dry cloth and some spray wax like pledge or something. Also while im going thru all the trouble of cleaning and waxing, I also take off all the tuning rods and put a dab of grease on them and retune. Got too keep the threads lubed so they tune up smoothly.
A far as cymbals go, I just do the pledge thing on them as soon as I get them and then leave them be. Ive tried cleaning and buffing, and nothing works the way I'd like it too work. And some things even change there sound, so I just leave them alone cept for some spray wax to keep them looking the way they are.
On hardware I just use some chrome cleaner if there really bad, but most of the time I just use the mild dish soap and lube all the joints and wax the chrome. Ive had my kit for 16 years and every thing still works and looks great.
Us drummers have the most to load in and out, the most to tune and the most to maintain, may God bless us all!!


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I use Lizard Spit Drum Shell Cleaner/Polish - just spray a bit on and wipe it off w/ a soft cloth. Seems to work so far! Leaves the chrome all shiney too! :)


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size 00 steel wool for chrome works wonders for pitting and small rust. Looks freshly polished. No swirls.
NOT for shells though.. Just chrome and hardware


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I got a free sample of "Powerchord" cleaner once and cleaned all my shells with a 2 oz. sample. Haven't gotten any since but man did they shine. It resists fingerprints and such also.