Chris Pennie


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chris pennie is the fucking shit. i love dillinger escape plan because of chris's patterns. that guy is one of the most phenomenal drummers i've ever seen in my life, because he has the sickest polyrhythms out of any drummer i've ever heard. he just had an lesson in the back of modern drummer (the one with jason bittner on the front) where he tells you exercises you can do to play your own polyrythms. he is a god of drumming.


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drumr4life509":3h5rim9a said:
I've heard some stuff about this guy recently and decided to check some vids of him out on youtube. He plays some really nice groovesand overall I was pretty impressed, what do you guys think about him?

dude that guy is by far my favorite drummer! he just plays these crazy ass polyrhythmic beats that you can only understand what the hell hes doing by watching him play, he's someone that truly knows how to play the right things at the right time its never over the top. bottom line chris pennie = very very well organized and educated drummer


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His blast beats are the most insane I've ever seen!! One footed and he plays the bass drum in between the snare hits, it makes them sound like he is playing 16th note double bass under them and he's not. There not super fast they are just plain innovative. Some of the grooves he plays are just mind blowing!


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I heard he was playing with Coheed and Cambria now. That's just ridiculous to me. Has anybody seen him live with them?


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He's insane, he's gotta be one of my favs! Haha, can you imagine Coheed with some serious ass blast beats? That would be awesome if he really played with them too!