chris adler/raymond herrera....

In your mind, who is better?

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I just wanted to get your opinions on who you think has the better feet of these 2 men. Chris or Ray? I know who my choice is, but yeah, that doesnt need to come out here, as im sure this topic will already anger some people.
I love them both...and this is not supposed to be a competition...but id love to hear your views and opinions.
I think both these men have jaw dropping speed and technicality...or is there someone out there who you think is even better than these 2 men on their lofty thrones in the realms of my mind...
I don't know every metal drummer around, there are so many metal bands....but i gotta say i do love these 2 artists.
Oh and please dont say Mike Portnoy or Danny Carey...i mean, speed/thrash metal type drummers only apply here.