Chris Adler A Custom Set-up

Hey all
Anyone know Chris's set-up from way back in the day? It's listed in the August 2004 issue os Mordern Drummer, and I used to have it but losy it somehow... If anyone has it and wants to email me a copy of that page or some thing it would be much apprciated....I can't find this info anywhere.
Someone has to know.....anyone..........anyone at all?

Its listed in the August 2004 issue of Mordern Drummer(bill stewart is on the cover) in an article called "Hot Metal" with three other drummers. Cannible Courpse, Opeth, and God Forrbid.

Come on someone has to know this info...


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I have that issue somewhere, I'll take a look about for ya. But I have to go to Easter dinner, so it may not be until tomorrow.


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Here you go:

From R to L-

14" Trashformer
14" A New Beat Hats
6" Zil-Bel
14" A Custom Crash
8" A Custom Splash
14" A Custom Fast Crash
8" A Splash
16" A Custom Projection Crash
18" A Custom Projection Crash
24" A Medium Ride
14" A New Beat Hats
17" K Dark China
18" Oriental Crash Of Doom