Choosing the right Bass drum Beaters !HELP!


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Here's my story, i started with the entry level pearl double pedal when i was first starting out, then went to the iron cobras, then to DW5000s. i then went to Axis pedals, these things fly, but the beaters they come with blow chunks. so i changed them to the dw5000 beaters. Now it feels a lot better. but i dont think its the right beater for these pedals. i dont feel that there is enough length on it (hence why they made the axis pedal beaters have a huge hammer). Now I'm wondering, "gee the beaters make a difference, so which is the lightest beater out there with the most length on it?" can anyone help me make an educated decision on which beaters to get. im selling my dw5000s and i dont want to give the buyer those sonic hammers. thnx guys