China cymbals


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ive noticed that at my local music shop they have for sale really cheap wuhan china cymbals. anyone know what im talking about? there like less than $20 or so. i was just wondering if anyone had some, knew anything about them, or how good they are. let me know



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i have a 12" that i bought about 6 months ago for $12. i play it bell down so im hitting the lip. there are 2 cracks totaling about 3" on the inside of the lip but the cymbal still sounds good.

wuhan chinas are the most personal cymbals you can buy because they all sound very different. i looked at getting another one just a couple days ago and the lips on the 12" ones varied between 1 and 2 inches and none of the ones i played sounded good but i loved the way mine sounded new. these cymbals even sound different if you hit the same one in different spots. if you want to get one you have to play it first to know what youre getting.


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Agreed. Wuhans are outstanding Chinas for the price. They are handmade, and as anavrinIV said, you will need to play each one, as they are all completely different. Many drummers (both famous and not famous) use Wuhans, including Neil Peart, who before signing with Sabian and creating the Paragon line, had 2 Wuhan Chinas in his setup that in his own words he "held sacred".


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yeah i have a 12" wuhan china

it gives you a good punch for a little cymbal

good effect cymbal and its worth like 10 bucks or what ever


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Beware, they crack easily. They sound kind of cool with a crack in them though. You can't go wrong with them for the price.