China Cymbal Help!!


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Right I know youre gonna go on about how stupid I was to do this but i recently bought my first ever china cymbal for over $200 and it is a Paiste RUDE 20" (Ithink its quite an old one, the bloke who sold it to me said it was from 1984 or something like that!!!), anyone know how i should play it like some diagrams or something like where i should hit it. I've been playing for nearly 5 years and with a Heavy/Thrash Metal band starting to take off I was in desperate need for one so can someone gimme some help?


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first of all, turn the china upside down on the cymbal stand, hitting it on the reverse side of the cymbal will garentee a much longer life. and as for angles etc... theres many different ways u can have it, but always make sure you have it so you'r hitting the edge of it and not the centre.