Childrens Drumsets from the early 80s


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Hey guys

In 1980 I was about 5 years old, I got a "Diamond Rock" 8200 toy drum set.

A few years later I got a Red Onyx style "Nashville Sound" 7000 series trap drum set.

I got the model numbers off the boxes from watching old home movies that were taken back then. But I can't find anything on the internet about them. I think they were bought at Toys R Us back then.

Does anyone know anything about these?


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I vaguely remember the name "Diamond Rock".

I used to drool over the toy drumsets (and the real ones) in the JC Penney Xmas catalog every year when I was a kid. Finally, around 1980 I got the "Sterling Beat" kit, and my life changed forever! You're right about there being no info online - I've never found anything.


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i guess no one has taken an interest in writtin up about old beginner kits from the 80's. remember the internet is a modern invention only took off in 1991. so I GUESS when ppl wrote about drum kits they wrote about 90's kits. this is only a guess.

anyways why dont you start up your own internet pages on them :D be interesting to know the journey of the drum kit. beginner - and pro stage.