[ChiefJustice] - Gretsch


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Let me be the first to say: wow, outstanding drum set! I'm lovin your cymbals and your snare(orgasmic, always wanted to own a black beauty).



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ive never seen a catalina birch set that big but i love that...theyre one of the best sounding kits ive ever played and they really got me into birch drums. also, very nics snare...i too would love a black beauty.


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i pretty much agree with that set up a lot i support all uve put together there the pedals cymbals drums everything very good taste


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dudeBen":128qoacs said:
Beautiful kit man. I have a question though; what is that to the left of your hat on the top pic?
I think you mean the PAISTE MEGA CUP CHIME 13" is it that what you mean?


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thats a nice kit i like the set i almost got a catalina birch same color and everything minus the extra bass drum